Tank Stand & Gate - TSG Steel Fabricators,

Oplicity Investments Pvt Ltd T/A TSG Steel Fabricators is a steel fabrication company which was established in 2012 with the purpose of providing excellent Steel Products to customers/clients at highly competitive rates. We are establishing ourselves as a new key player in the Steel Fabrication industry in Zimbabwe, by trying to have a diverse product base and with customer requirements as our focus. The breadth and depth of the skills and experience of our team, our size and our counterparts will insure that we provide value-adding products for your organization and business.

Our flagship products are Steel Tank Stands and Gates, which is how our trade name was established TankStand & Gate – TSG. Over the years we have extended our product range creating a one stop shop for a wide range of Steel products including:
- Steel Tank stands
- Sliding Gates
- Burglar Bars
- Generator Cages
- Door screens
- Garage Doors
- Palisade Fencing
- Poultry Heaters
-Other steel fabrication products our clients may request per order
We manufacture and install all the above products.

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