Chart Pottery,

We are into

1. Domestic pottery ie manufacture of tea sets, dinner sets, coffee mugs etc

2. Industrial ceramics ie insulators, laboratory crucibles etc

3. Ornaments


Renewable energy generation, fix and supply of renewable energy accessories

Labcal (Pvt) Ltd,

Labcal (Pvt) Ltd is a well-established Company located in Harare and wish to be considered as Nestle Zimbabwe (Pvt) Limited’s approved Harare Plant scales Service, Repair and Calibration service provider.


It is wholly owned by a team of Zimbabwean Engineers who have combined experience of more than twenty years and has been in operation since 2009.


We specialize in Calibration, Sales and Service of Industrial, Medical, & Analytical Laboratory Instruments in addition to industrial automation, installation and commissioning of temperature, tank level, and a variety of monitoring systems.

Our mission is to provide high quality, convenient and comprehensive Instrumentation service. It is the goal of our organisation to acheive 100% customer satisfaction with regard to quality, customer care, lead time, and discover new ways to exceed the expectations of our customers at the lowest possible cost.

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