Our membership is split into five categories: 1.       Registered member: No joining fee, limited benefits (mostly information-only, plus                                               group representation). 2.       Subscribed member: aspiring entrepreneurs, and those who are just starting off. We help you                                            avoid common fatal start-up mistakes, and advise on how best to start                                            off on the right footing.                                                3.       Premium member: small-scale enterprises (turnover less than $240 000 per annum,                                             and/or total assets less than $100 000 in value) 4.       Platinum member: medium-sized enterprises (turnover and assets above those of                                              premium members, but below $1 million) 5.       Affiliate member: large corporations or other organizations wishing to interact with, or do                                        business with SMEs.   Subscriptions Members pay annual joining fees, which currently stand at the following levels: Registered member      $0 Subscribed member      $24 per annum Premium member         $100 per annum, or an initial $20, then $10 per month thereafter Platinum member         $200 per annum, or $20 per month Affiliate member           $300 per annum, or $30 per month   Steps towards becoming a member You can register under any of the above categories. Click on the link above that is most relevant to you/your business to obtain specific details on how to register under that category. If you would only like to receive information, click on the Registered Member link. Alternatively if you would like to find out more, you can visit our offices for a one-on-one consultation. Click here to see which office is nearest to you.