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Order / Tender Finance

Order / Tender Finance

We facilitate the obtaining of order financing (including financing for tenders) for small and medium enterprises, through several partnering financial institutions. General guidelines for obtaining order finance are:

  1. Order (or tender) must be from reputable large corporation or organisation based in Zimbabwe.
  2. It must be confirmed by the relevant authorities within that organisation.

To obtain funding, you will need to present to us the following documents for preliminary processing:

  1. Confirmed order.
  2. Quotation from a reputable supplier specifying delivery time, payment terms and product specification.
  3. Freight/transport quotation (where relevant).
  4. Profitability statement for the specific order (showing profitability of the order).
  5. A letter requesting the facility with a summary history of your trading relationship with the entity which has given you the order.

After processing and identification of a suitable financier for your order, we will also require the following:

  1. Letter of undertaking from the corporate/organisation to remit funds.
  2. You may be requested to open a bank account with the financial institution providing the funding.

The SMEAZ SACCOS offers order financing for its members.

MicroFinance Institutions offering order finance are listed on our Business Directory. Click here to see the available products.

The following Affiliate Members of the Association also offer order financing facilities:

To access order finance facilities, you can contact the relevant institutions directly, or you can contact your Member Consultant or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 08644 098517 for assistance in securing the funding. Note that in order for us to assist you, you will need to be a paid-up member of the Association.

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